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The Parisi Speed School located inside the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club is recognized as the country's premiere athletic performance enhancement organization for youths and adults. Training kids as young as seven, all the way to the pros, the Parisi Speed School improves athletic performance and develops a higher sense of self confidence; a clear advantage in competitive sports and in all aspects of life.

Parisi uses a multi-purpose approach to change the face of American athletics. With more than 65 locations internationally and almost 20 years of experience, The Parisi School has become nationally recognized as the leader in performance enhancement training, teaching students to be stronger, faster, more flexible and in better condition for any sport. Choose from a multitude of programs available for all levels of experience, ability, and age. To ensure results in the least amount of time, The Parisi School also offers monthly motivational challenges to gauge the rate and degree of the athlete's progress. This periodic monitoring allows the professionally trained coaches to contour the program if necessary to make sure one's goals are met.

The Parisi training technique improves not only speed of movement, but strength of character regardless of ability or economic status in a friendly, non-intimidating environment.

For the entire team, or just the individual athlete, the Parisi School will deliver clear and compelling results in performance and self confidence, the ingredients necessary to be competitive and successful. Whether your sport is tennis, basketball, football, hockey, track, or anything requiring speed, agility, flexibility and a strong mental game, give a call for an appointment.

Parisi Speed School's Mission:

As the industry leader in sports performance enhancement, we will continue to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.

In 1992, Bill Parisi started out toward a dream. His All-American track career over, he saw numerous limitations in the way American athletes were training for sport, and he wanted to help remedy the situation. Armed with a motivational speech, some equipment, and a 500 dollar van, Bill drove to high schools in New Jersey looking for coaches and teams that wanted to take advantage of state-of-the-art training techniques. That was the single-handed beginning of what has now become a multi-personal approach to changing the face of American athletics as we know it. That was the birth of the Parisi Speed School.

Over 18 years and 60 Parisi Speed School franchises later, the dream continues to expand. Now with over 100,000 athletes from every level of athletics having experienced the Parisi Speed School, the program has become nationally recognized as the leader in performance enhancement training. This national movement will continue to expand in the coming years to allow any athlete to take advantage of the Parisi training experience.

From athletes 7 years old all the way to the Pros, the Parisi Speed School has allowed athletes to do the two things our program strives for: Athletes have improved their athletic performance, but more importantly, they have developed a higher level of self-confidence.

If you are looking to get faster, stronger, and build more self-confidence, then the Parisi Speed School is the nation's number one choice to get you there.